Just-in-time blood product allocation
Acting as a virtual 24/7, automated blood bank

BloodTrack OnDemand®

Software quickly allocates the right blood product to the right patient where and when it's needed, eliminating the need to crossmatch and label blood products in advance and reducing blood bank and clinical staff workload. The BloodTrack® HaemoBank™ is a new BloodTrack OnDemand solution that enables you to allocate and dispense products "just‑in-time" at the point-of-care.

By using a BloodTrack OnDemand solution, your organization can store and remotely allocate uncrossmatched ABO-Rh blood groups—along with crossmatched, labeled units and emergency products—and make them available in high usage clinical areas at the precise time of need.

The Value of BloodTrack OnDemand

Hospitals that have implemented the BloodTrack OnDemand solution have seen the following outcomes1:

  • 96% decrease in time to access blood *
  • 52% reduction in unused units *
  • 52% reduction in number of RBCs issued *
  • 71% reduction in blood bank staff time *
  • 70% reduction in clinical staff time *


       1 Outcomes may vary by hospital.

       * Staves J et al. Transfusion. 2008 Mar;48(3):415-24. Epub 2007 Dec 7.

BloodTrack® HaemoBank

The BloodTrack HaemoBank blood storage system is a just-in-time blood allocation solution developed through a strategic partnership with Helmer Scientific, the leading blood bank cold storage manufacturer. The HaemoBank device, available in multiple size configurations, provides you with scalable options to meet your needs.

BloodTrack Solutions Overview

BloodTrack HaemoBank Overview