SafeTrace Tx®

Transfusion Management System

Provide safety, traceability, and compliance

SafeTrace Tx is our accurate, reliable transfusion management software system developed to provide hospital blood banks and donor center transfusion services with comprehensive management of their orders, specimens, blood products, derivatives, and accessories. It also delivers a complete testing and transfusion history in one consolidated record. These features can help you efficiently select the most appropriate blood products, and track those products from their origin to the intended patient.

Combined with our comprehensive donor management software systems, the SafeTrace Tx solution provides complete Arm to Arm® tracking — from donor recruitment and collection to final transfusion and billing.

The Value of SafeTrace Tx

  • Straightforward, easy-to-enforce safety and compatibility checks between patient and blood product from order entry to final product dispensing
  • Easily track patient details on one screen with our patented* Patient-at-a-Glance Bar®
  • Implement an efficient and fast emergency release process
  • Provides detailed traceability – minimizes workarounds and helps maintain compliance
  • Maintain comprehensive patient testing and transfusion history for continuity of care across locations
  • Leverage the Maximum Surgical Blood Schedule (MSBOS) to help reduce over ordering
  • Seamlessly manages patients, orders, results and billing

Multi-hospital, multi-site capabilities

  • Manage your orders, specimens, and blood products from multiple facilities in one centralized database
  • Perform remote, electronic, and routine cross-matches efficiently
  • Determine inventory levels across worksites with extensive inventory management tools

Increased efficiency and product waste reduction

  • Capture all charges for tests, services, and blood products
  • Create reports by patient, product usage, physician/specialty, workload, and wasted products
  • Interface with hospital systems to seamlessly manage your patients, orders, results, and billing
  • Generate detailed test results, transfusion history, and billing reports by patient
  • Print ISBT 128 labels on-demand
  • Access standard instrument and analyzer interfaces

Key system features

  • Compatible with standard third-party database tools
  • User-friendly documentation helps you navigate and control the system with confidence
  • Seamless integration between patient and inventory information
  • Current and emerging AABB, FDA, and HIPAA regulatory guidelines, and standards such as HL7® and ISBT 128, are supported

Use Information

A comprehensive computer software package that manages all information system needs of a transfusion service. Maintains a complete test and transfusion history for a patient as well as comprehensive tracking of donor products from receipt to final disposition. Helps transfusion services:

  • Manage an inventory of blood products
  • Track patient identification information
  • Manage patient visits and specimens
  • Capture orders for patient tests and blood products
  • Track product disposition
  • Assist in the determination of the suitability of released products (electronic crossmatch)
  • Record transfusion results


* US Patent #7363167, 8229675.

HL7 is a trademark of Health Level Seven International, Inc.