A Just-in-time Blood Management Software solution that
acts as a 24/7 virtual automated transfusion service

Just-in-time Blood Management

BloodTrack OnDemand®, our Just-in-time Blood Management system, quickly allocates the right blood product to the right patient where and when it's needed, eliminating the need to crossmatch and label blood products in advance and reducing blood bank and clinical staff workload.

The software is designed to work with the BloodTrack HaemoBank®, enabling you to allocate and dispense products "just‑in-time" at the point-of-care.

The Value of BloodTrack Just-in-time Blood Management System

Case studies conducted at hospitals that have implemented the BloodTrack OnDemand system have shown the following outcomes:

  • 96% decrease in time to access blood 1
  • 52% reduction in unused units1
  • 52% reduction in number of RBCs issued1
  • 71% reduction in blood bank staff time1
  • 70% reduction in clinical staff time1
  • $300k in annualized cost savings2


1Staves, J., et al. Electronic remote blood issue: a combination of remote blood issue with a system for end-to-end electronic control of transfusion to provide a “total solution” for a safe and timely hospital blood transfusion service Transfusion. 2008 Mar;48(3):415-24. Epub 2007 Dec 7.

2 Frank, Steven M. M.D., et. al. Reducing Unnecessary Preoperative Blood Orders and Costs by Implementing an Updated Institution-specific Maximum Surgical Blood Order Schedule and a Remote Electronic Blood Release System. Anesthesiology. 2014 Sep;121(3):501-9.

The customer experiences described here relate to individual institutions’ experiences using BloodTrack Software. There may be factors other than the use of BloodTrack that could affect the ultimate outcomes the institutions experienced. However, we do not make any representation that the institutions’ experiences are typical, and indeed they may not be typical. The institutions’ experiences do not provide any indication, guide, warranty, or guarantee as to the experience other institutions may have with BloodTrack Software. The experience other institutions or customers may have with the product could be different. Experiences managing blood supplies, with or without BloodTrack Software, can and do vary among institutions.

BloodTrack HaemoBank®

The BloodTrack Just-in-time Blood Management System combines the BloodTrack OnDemand software with the HaemoBank blood storage device creating an innovative system that provides clinicians with safe, fast access to individual blood products where and when they are needed.

BloodTrack Solutions Overview

BloodTrack HaemoBank Overview