SafeTrace Tx®

Transfusion Management System

Help provide safety, traceability and compliance

SafeTrace Tx software elevates compliance and workflow efficiency by producing full traceability of patients and products in a single database that manages complex operations across facilities in the network. Data integration powered by extensive interfaces with instruments, analyzers and hospital information systems (HIS) ensures your data is shared seamlessly, avoiding manual workarounds.

Protect patients with every transaction

SafeTrace Tx protects patients and guards against mistakes by incorporating multi-layered, easy-to enforce safety checks and patented patient/product compatibility testing algorithms throughout the transfusion preparation process.

By aggregating varying Medical Record or Hospital Numbers, SafeTrace Tx connects all visit records, specimens, orders and results across locations into a single patient identifier that simplifies patient management and safeguards against data sprawl. Special transfusion requirements, antibodies, including HLA attributes, and transfusion reaction history are maintained in a centralized record that is easily accessible through the Patient-At-A-Glance-Bar® toolbar.

The Value of SafeTrace Tx

SafeTrace Tx software enhances and automates critical patient safety demands

  • Leverage straightforward, easy-to-enforce safety and compatibility checks between patient and blood product from order entry to final product disposition
  • Easily track patient details on one screen with SafeTrace Tx’s patented* Patient-at-a-Glance Bar
  • Maintain complete patient testing and transfusion history for continuity of care across locations
  • Use HL7®, ADT, order and results interfaces for HIS/EMR/LIS integration
  • Share data with Epic® and other hospital information systems
  • Employ InstaMatch to find the best-matched product; calculate grade and degree-of-compatibility score
  • Navigate and control the system with confidence thanks to user-friendly documentation
  • Document compliance with emerging regulatory guidelines (AABB, FDA and HIPAA) and standards such as HL7, LOINC® and ISBT 128

Manage daily workflow

  • Access comprehensive patient information
  • Automatically perform extensive safety and compatibility checks between patient and product
  • Efficiently track, manage and assign work
  • Safely and quickly release emergency blood products
  • Maintain transfusion safety
  • Electronically manage and document Reagent Quality Control

Leverage multi-hospital, multi-site capabilities

  • Maintain one consolidated patient history record
  • Manage orders, specimens, and blood products from multiple facilities in one centralized database
  • Efficiently perform remote, electronic, and routine cross-matches
  • Administer centralized inventory management to optimize product utilization and reduce waste
  • Provide facility specific billing and reporting

Increased efficiency and product waste reduction

  • Capture all charges for tests, services, and blood products
  • Create reports by patient, product usage, physician/specialty, workload and wasted products
  • Seamlessly manage patients, orders, results and billing
  • Utilize standard instrument and analyzer interfaces
  • Interface with BloodTrack Software for fully compliant point-of-care blood management

Integrate with Epic Systems

  • Complement your Epic systems with a transfusion management solution infused with knowledge and experience from blood banking specialists
  • SafeTrace Tx transfusion management system seamlessly integrates with Epic and other HIS systems enabling continuous communication, from the blood bank to the bedside

SafeTrace Tx® Analytics

Interactive dashboard reporting and analytics

SafeTrace Tx Analytics software turns operational and transactional data from SafeTrace Tx into actionable information. Using SafeTrace Tx Analytics you can quickly and easily access information in real-time to monitor key performance indicators, analyze historical data trends, customize dashboard views and produce interactive web-based charts and reports.

By leveraging SafeTrace Tx Analytics, your organization can proactively monitor operational performance and workload in real-time, track and manage inventory with ease and review your blood management program performance.

SafeTrace Tx® Analytics


Product matching and reservation software

InstaMatch software helps clinicians select the best-matched platelet product for a patient, based upon a grade and site-configurable compatibility score, using a patient’s HLA-type, blood attributes and special needs, and reserve it in SafeTrace Tx.

InstaMatch automates your searching, matching and reservation process, providing a consistent matching approach and streamlined record-keeping and audit history.



Use Information

A comprehensive computer software package that manages all information system needs of a transfusion service. Maintains a complete test and transfusion history for a patient as well as comprehensive tracking of donor products from receipt to final disposition. Helps transfusion services:

  • Manage an inventory of blood products
  • Track patient identification information
  • Manage patient visits and specimens
  • Capture orders for patient tests and blood products
  • Track product disposition
  • Assist in the determination of the suitability of released products (electronic crossmatch)
  • Record transfusion results


* US Patent #7363167, 8229675.

HL7 is a trademark of Health Level Seven International, Inc.
LOINC is a trademark of the Regenstrief Institute, Inc.
Epic is a trademark of Epic Systems Corporation.